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Drive digital traffic, build awareness & generate higher quality leads with dash

social media

Create engaging and click-worthy social media experiences.

$ 550 Month
  • Posting Plan
  • Content Strategy
  • 12 Posts (3 Social Channels)
  • 8 Stories (3 Social Channels)
  • 30-Sec Video (3 Social Channels)
  • 2 Paid ads. Design


Get your professional READY Website within 15-20 days ONLY

$ 1330 Month
  • Dash Hosting (1YR)
  • Domain Linkage
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • Web Design + Branding
  • Social Media Linkage
  • SEO Standards
  • Social Media Linkage


Focus on your Products/Services quality & Dash will manage the rest

$ 1700 Month
  • Create your Logo & Branding Guideline
  • Social Media Creation & Management
  • Web/e-commerce Development & Management
  • Content Creation
  • Advertising & Motion Graphics Videos


Frequently Asked Questions!

Sponsored content is another way you can create a free website and make money from. If you’ve established your website enough to generate a significant following, you can monetize it by creating sponsored content. Digital marketers now look to influencers to promote products and services.

Web designing is of three kinds, to be specific static, dynamic or CMS and eCommerce.

If all you need is a basic one-page website with an email address, phone number and maybe your business address, you can absolutely do that yourself. Dash can create smart, simple websites that can be manage individually.
Here’s a list of some of the most popular on the web today:
  • e-commerce website.
  • Business website.
  • Blog website.
  • Portfolio website.
  • Event website.
  • Personal website.
  • Membership website.
  • Nonprofit website.
SEO involves five main steps:
  • Keyword research. Find what people search for.
  • Content creation. Craft content for searchers.
  • On-page SEO. Make your content as clear as possible.
  • Link building. Build trust and authority from other websites.
  • Technical SEO.
SEO techniques are classified into two broad categories: White Hat SEO – Techniques that search engines recommend as part of a good design. Black Hat SEO – Techniques that search engines do not approve and attempt to minimize the effect of. These techniques are also known as spamdexing.
  • Write for humans first and search engines second. …
  • Use targeted keywords in all the right places. …
  • Focus on user experience (UX) …
  • Focus on building relevant links. …
  • Format content for Featured Snippets. …
  • Remove anything that slows down your site.
Best overall SEO tools
  • Ahrefs. Source: Ahrefs. Price: from $99 per month. …
  • Google Analytics. Source: Google. Price: free. …
  • Google Search Console. Source: Google. Price: free. …
  • Screaming Frog. Source: Screaming Frog. …
  • DeepCrawl. Source: DeepCrawl. …
  • Lighthouse. Source: Lighthouse. …
  • Siteliner. Source: Siteliner. …
  • Ryte. Source: Ryte.